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For historical information, the Internet has a page on Kommandeurwagen.
Volkswagen Typ 87
Beetle lia 1
Role Ambulance
Operators Germany
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 Passenger
Position 3 Passenger
Position 4 Passenger
Abilities Heal IconAmmo Icon

The Volkswagen Typ 87 is a German car.


Also known as Kommandeurwagen, the Typ 87 is a Beetle body mounted on the Kübelwagen chassis.

In Battlegroup42, this vehicle acts as a staff car, reconnaissance vehicle as well as an ambulance, providing first aid and ammunition supply to its passengers. Like all military cars, it is unarmoured, therefore care must be taken not to engage directly with enemy forces when travelling in one.

It can be found on maps such as 4504-Mouse Roars.


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