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Type 92 heavy machine gun
Role Machine gun
Operators Japan
No. of positions 1
Position 1 7.7mm machine gun

The Type 92 heavy machine gun is a Japanese heavy machine gun.


Essentially an enlarged version of the Type 3 machine gun, the Type 92 inherited designs from the French Hotchkiss machine gun, and was the standard Japanese heavy machine gun in World War II. It was nicknamed the "woodpecker" by Allied soldiers in the Pacific theatre because of the characteristic sound it produced while firing.

In Battlegroup42, the Type 92 is available as a stationary weapon. Tripod-mounted version can be spawned by Type 1 Ho-Ki or Type 1 Ho-Ha.


The gun is also known as "Nambu Type 92" in the mod, which is a reference to the designer Kijirō Nambu.

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