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Type 89 I-Go
I-go 1
Role Tank
Operators Japan
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
57mm gun
Position 2 6.5mm machine gun
Position 3 6.5mm machine gun

Type 89 I-Go is a Japanese medium tank.


The Type 89 I-Go Otsu's main armament is the 57mm Type 90 gun, which fires explosive shells and is deadly to infantry, but not very powerful against tanks. It also has Type 91 machine gun in the front of the hull and towards the rear of the gun turret. Despite being classified as a medium tank, the I-Go is very slow and is thinly armoured, hence it is not very effective at armoured warfare.

It appears in maps prior to 1942, such 3908-Khalkin Gol and 4204-Fall of Bataan.


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