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Type 38
Role Torpedo boat
Operators Japan
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Helmsman
Torpedo tubes
Position 2 20mm gun

The Type 38' is a Japanese torpedo boat.


Withhin the Japanese Navy, small vessels for near-coast duties like Motor Torpedo Boats (MTB) or Gun Boats played no significant strategic or tactical role prior and through WW2. Development and production of such vessels had no much priority. As a result, Japanese MTB development was far behind other navies. The Japanese boats especially lacked powerful engines which made them slow and seriously reduced combat value. They also suffered from bad supply and maintanance. 248 torpedo and gun boats where build by the Sasebo shipyard for the IJN in WW2, and among the most numerous with 80 examples build was the Type 38 (B) Motor Torpedo Boat (H-10 class). The boats were 18m long and 4.30 wide, powered by air-cooled radial engines with 1075 hp. Maximum speed was 27,5 kts. This gave the boats little offensive capacity, so the Type 38 boats served mainly as coastal patrol and harbour guard.

In Battlegroup42, the Type 38 torpedo boat is armed with two torpedoes on its sides and mines at the back for anti-shipping purposes. The gunner has access to a 20mm Oerlikon gun, which is useful against small surface targets, as well as low flying aircraft.

It can be found on a number of maps in the Pacific theatre, such as 4506-Oboe Six and 4209-Bloody Ridge.


The model is modified from the original Battlefield 1942's Type 38.

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