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Type 1 47mm anti-tank gun
Type 1 1
Role Anti-tank gun
Operators Japan
No. of positions 1
Position 1 47mm gun

Type 1 47mm anti-tank gun is a Japanese anti-tank gun.


Light and easy to handle, the Type 1 entered service in early 1942 as Japan's first and only indigenous anti-tank gun design completed in Japan. While not remarkably potent compared to the western contemporary designs, the anti-tank gun is deemed to be effective against light and medium tanks as well as unarmoured vehicles of course. For example, it was capable to penetrate the frontal armor of an M4A2 Sherman at 800 yards. Combined with a high rate of fire, this made the Type 1 a dangerous opponent for the US tankers, though becoming less effective through the course of war. It could have been more dangerous, but was not always available in sufficient numbers.

The gun is also adapted to be used as the main armament of Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha.


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