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Tellermine 35
Type Anti-tank mine
Users All factions
Firing mode Impact fuse

The Tellermine 35 is a German anti-tank mine.


The Tellermine 35 was the German standard anti-tank mine through World War 2. Its flat circular housing was made of alloy sheet metal and filled with 5,5 kilogramm TNT. Its main purpose was to destroy or at least immobilize enemy vehicles, espacially tanks. The convex upper side of the mine (not just the fuse cap in the middle) worked as a pressure plate for the fuse. The initial design was succeded by the Tellermine 35 (Stahl) after combat experiences, especially in North Africa: Because the fusing pressure of the Tellermine 35 was only 90 kilogramm, it often explodes when it just have been touched by a vehicle. The new design had a ripped pressure plate made of pressed steel (hence the name) from which sand and soil couldn´t be blow away by the wind so easily. Also, the fuse now needed a weight of 210 kilogramm to detonate the charge. This made sure that a vehicle was fully on top of the mine when it blows up, granting maximum damage. Further German development lead to the Tellermine 42 and Tellermine 43, but the Tellermine 35 (Stahl) remained in service and was extensivly used until the end of the war.

In Battlegroup42, the Tellermine 35 is depicted by a model of the Tellermine 35 (Stahl), which has been taken over from the original game. Filling the role of a generic weapon, it is issued to the engineer classes of all armies in Battlegroup42.

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