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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on Brummbär.
Sturmpanzer IV
Sturmpanzer IV 1
Role Heavy assault gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
150mm gun
Position 2 7.92mm machine gun
Sturmpanzer IV (Co-op)
Role Heavy assault gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 150mm gun
Position 3 7.92mm machine gun

Sturmpanzer IV is a German heavy assault gun.


Nicknamed "Brummbär" by the Allies, the Sturmpanzer IV is an assault gun variant of the Panzer IV. It is armed with a 43 L/12 on the superstructure for fire support and one MG 42 on top for anti-infantry or anti-air measures.

In Battlegroup42, the Sturmpanzer IV acts as a self-propelled artillery gun to provide indirect fire support. While it can be used to provide direct fire support on strongpoints, it is best to place the vehicle behind front lines for better protection.


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