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For historical information, the Internet has a page on Sd.Kfz.231 8-rad.
Sdkfz 231
231 1
Role Armoured car
Operators Germany
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
20mm gun
7.92mm machine gun
Position 2 Artillery spotting

Sdkfz 231 is a German armoured car.


First perceived to be heavy armoured cars for reconnaissance units, the Sdkfz 231 appears mostly in the early phases of the war. It is armed with a 20mm KwK 30 autocannon and a coaxial MG 34 in a turret, giving it sound capabilities to deal with enemy light vehicles and infantry. It is not heavily armoured, therefore prolonged engagements against bulk of enemy forces is not encouraged, and the armoured car has good speed to travel across rough terrain. A second position is available in the open hatch of the turret to allow a crewman to spot targets for friendly artillery units.

A radio command version, the Sdkfz 232, is also available in the mod. Apart from the extra antenna, the vehicle functions the same as Sdkfz 231.

There is also an artillery support variant in the form of Sdkfz 233.

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