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Schwarzlose machine gun
Role Machine gun
Operators Greece
No. of positions 1
Position 1 7.92mm machine gun

The Schwarzlose machine gun is a machine gun of Austro-Hungarian origin.


First produced in 1908, the Schwarzlose machine gun was the standard machine gun for the then Austro-Hungarian forces. It resembled other machine guns of its time, but it featured simpler design and was less costly to manufacture, hence the machine gun was also adopted by other European nations, as well as by the original user's successor state, Hungary. Despite being a World War I-era weapon, the Schwarzlose still saw action by various nations in World War II.

The Schwarzlose is used by a number of nations in Battlegroup42. It is mostly featured as a stationary weapons, but it is also available as a defensive armament on some vehicles.


The weapon is known as M08/15 in the mod, which is the Dutch variant of the machine gun.

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