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Type Rifle
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode Semi-automatic
Magazine size 10
Other features Scope (Sniper)
Bayonet (Rifleman)

The SVT-40 is a Soviet rifle.


The SVT-40 was an improved version of the SVT-38, and was intended to be the main service rifle for the Soviet forces. The German invasion of the Soviet Union disrupted the supply for the rifle, and due to the complex nature of the SVT-40, other guns such as the Mosin-Nagant and the PPSh-41 were given higher priority for mass production due to costs and simplicity in production and operation. Nevertheless, the SVT-40's production, although diminished, continued until the beginning of 1945. Its design heavily inspired the German Gewehr 43.

In Battlegroup42 the SVT-40 is the primary weapon of the Soviet rifleman class and sniper class for the later stages in the war. The sniper class has access to a scope-mounted version, whereas the rifleman class has access to a bayonet.

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