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SU-85 1
Role Tank destroyer
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
85mm gun

SU-85 is a Soviet tank destroyer.


When the F-34 gun of the T-34 tanks struggle to cause significant impact on the new German tanks, a tank destroyer version with the 85mm D-5T gun on the SU-122 chassis, which in turn is based on the T-34 itself. While a capable weapon, the 85mm is still inadequate against the heaviest of German armour, and with the new T-34 tanks equipped with the 85mm gun as the T-34-85, the Su-85 is replaced by its successor, the SU-100.

As a tank destroyer, the SU-85 should be used in long range in support of other front line units. Due to its lack of machine gun, confrontation with enemy infantry is best avoided.

It is available from mid-1943 onward.


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