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Renault AGK
Renault AGK 1
Role Transportation
Operators France
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 Passenger
Position 3 Passenger
Position 4 Passenger
Position 5 Passenger
Position 6 Passenger
Abilities Repair IconHeal IconAmmo Icon
Renault AGK (Tanker)
Role Transportation
Operators Civilian
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver

The Renault AGK is a French truck.


The 6-ton truck can carry a driver and a passenger at the front, and four more passengers at the back.

As with any other troop transport in the mod, the truck can provide first aid and ammunition to its passengers, as well as repair for friendly vehicles in the vicinity. It is unarmed and unarmoured, therefore one should avoid direct engagement with enemy forces whenever possible.

It appears in early maps such as 4005-Montherme and 4005-Willemsbrug. A tanker variant also exists in 4405-Raid on Drvar, which has only has space for one driver and it serves as a simple civilian transport without additional functions.