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Reggiane Re.2000
Reggiane Re.2000 1
Role Fighter
Operators Italy
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Pilot
12.7mm machine guns
MÁVAG Héja I 1
Role Fighter
Operators Hungary
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Pilot
12.7mm machine guns

The Reggiane Re.2000 is an Italian fighter.


The Re.2000 is armed with two 12.7mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns. Because of several shortcomings, it was rejected by the Italian air force, which deployed only a few of these fighters in the Mediterranean area early in the war.

But the fighter also has been exported to Hungary, which also acquired the license for production. These aircraft were called the MÁVAG Héja I (Italian production) and Héja II (Hungarian production). They saw extensive service at the eastern front as interceptors.


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