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Type Anti-tank rifle
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode Single-shot
Magazine size 1

The PTRD is a Soviet anti-tank rifle.


The PTRD was one of the two anti-tank rifles fielded by the Red Army during the war, with the other being the PTRS. Like many other anti-tank rifles, the PTRD's penetration capability was adequate against light tanks, soft-skinned vehicles, and side armour of some medium tanks, but it was otherwise insufficient against the newer and more heavily armoured tanks as the war progressed. Nevertheless the Soviet Union continued to use them throughout the war.

In Battlegroup42 the PTRD is the primary weapon of the Soviet anti-tank class in the early part of the war. For balance purposes, it is succeeded by the M1 Bazooka as the German Panzerschreck's counterpart for the late war scenarios.

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