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Type Submachine gun
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 71

The PPSh-41 is a Soviet submachine gun.


The Soviet Union developed its first submachine gun, the PPD-34, in the mid 1930s. It had high material and labour cost, and as a result it was not produced in large numbers. The PPSh-41 was designed to make improvements over the PPD as well as using stamped metal for the ease of mass production. Readily available and reliable, the PPSh-41 saw extensive use in World War Two as one of the main firearms of the Soviet forces.

In Battlegroup42 the PPSh-41 is the primary weapon for the early Soviet medic class as well as the late Soviet assault class. It has a high rate of fire and ammunition capacity, but also a larger spread, making it unpractical for long range shots.

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