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Owen Gun
Type Submachine gun
Users Australia
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 33

The Owen Gun is an Australian submachine gun.


The Owen Gun, officially designated as the Owen Machine Carbine, was the only Australian submachine gun entirely designed in Australia. It was produced from late 1942 on and became the main service submachine gun of the Australian Army during World War II. It proved to be highly reliable even under extremly harsh conditions, and soon earned the nickname "Digger's Darling" by the Australian troops. Even british and US soldiers swapped their Stens and Thompsons for Owen guns if they get their hands on one, since the Australian gun used the same 9mm ammunition as its allied counterparts. 45.000 examples were build and used by the Australian Army until the mid-1960s.

In Battlegroup42, the Owen submachine gun is the primary weapon of the Australian medic class.

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