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OTO Model 35
Type hand grenade
Users Italy
Firing mode percussion on impact

The OTO Model 35 is an Italian high explosive hand grenade.


The OTO Model 35 was one of three new types of hand grenades that entered service with the Italian army prior to World War 2. It was an offensive grenade with 36 g TNT in an aluminium body and had a unique percussion fuse, consisting of a lead ball held between a cone shaped cap and a spring loaded striker. The ball was a lead-wrapped assembly of small lead shot, intended to rupture at the moment of detonation. This provided a fragmentation effect to the high explosive charge and also was a safety feature: designers didn't want to have a heavy part of the bomb flying far away from the intended point of detonation, possibly injuring the thrower. In combat it turned out that some grenades didn´t explode on impact as intended in theory. This made armed OTO Model 35 grenades very dangerous if encountered in an unexploded condition. Because of this and its red colour (as a marking for "high explosive"), the grenade was called "Red Devil" by Allied soldiers.

In Battlegroup42, the OTO Model 35 is the standard hand grenade of the Italian army and is issued to the scout, assault, medic and rifleman classes.

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