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No. 36M
Type Hand grenade
Users United Kingdom
Firing mode Time fuse

The No. 36M is a British high explosive hand grenade.


The No. 36M, nicknamed "Mills bomb" after its inventor William Mills, was the British army's standard hand-grenade from the 1930s to the 1970s. It was the last of a whole family of grenades, which development and production started in 1915, and similar in shape with other "pineapple"-style fragmentation grenades. Since the No. 36Ms fuse was sealed with shellac, it was waterproof and suitable for combat in hot climate with high humidity. With a specially designed cup launcher, the Mills bomb could also be used as a rifle grenade, extending its throwing range up to 200 meters.

In Battlegroup42, the No. 36M is issued to the scout, assault, anti-tank, medic, rifleman, and machinegunner classes of the Australian, British, Dutch and Canadian Armies, as well as to the Greek scout class.

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