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Nambu Type 14
Type Automatic Pistol
Users Japan
Firing mode Semi-automatic
Magazine size 8

The Nambu Type 14 is a Japanese pistol.


Among the series of automatic pistols, developed in Japan by Kijiro Nambu from 1897 on, it was the Type 14 that was adopted by the military as an official sidearm in 1927. It saw extensive service with the Japanese Army in several conflicts including World War 2. Though it looks very similar to the German Luger Pistol 08, the Type 14 is a completely different weapon, especially regarding the locking mechanism. In combat, it suffered from weak main springs, which lead to frequent jamming. The kinetic energy delivered by the Type 14 is inferior compared with other contemporary automatic pistols, mainly due to the low pressure 8x22mm cartridge. On the other hand, this resulted in a well balanced weapon with low recoil and thus high accuracy.

In Battlegroup42, the Nambu Type 14 is the sidearm of the scout, assault, anti-tank, rifleman and officer classes of the Japanese forces.

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