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Nagant M1895
Type Revolver pistol
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode double action
Magazine size 7

The Nagant M1895 is a Russian revolver of Belgian origin.


The Nagant M1895, caliber 7,62mm, was developed in Belgium and became famous for its unique firing mechanism: The gap between cylinder and barrel is sealed when the trigger is pulled, which not only boost the muzzle velocity. The feature also eliminates the noise coming out through the gap and thus allows the use of a silencer. This is possible with no other revolver. The drawback is a slow and difficult loading process, since the cylinder has to be fixed in a closed frame to maintain the gas sealing function. However, in 1898 Russia purchased the manufacturing rights of the gun and adopted it as the standard side arm for army and police officers. Though being already obsolete when World War 1 broke out, the weapon served through the war and the Russian revolution up to the End of World War 2. Even the introduction of the semi-automatic Tokarev TT-33 pistol in 1933 could not fully replace it in service and production.

In Battlegroup42 the Nagant M1895 is the side arm of the Russian scout, assault, rifleman, anti-tank, machine gunner and officer classes on maps with early war scenarios. It is also issued to the Greek assault class.

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