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Mitsubishi G4M2 Betty
Role Bomber
Operators Japan
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Pilot
7.7mm machine guns
Position 2 20mm gun
Position 3 20mm gun
Position 4 7.7mm machine gun
Position 5 7.7mm machine gun

Mitsubishi G4M is an Japanese medium bomber.


The Mitsubishi G4M serves the Imperial Japanese Navy as a land-based bomber. It has the distinction of having very good range and speed at the time of its introduction but at the cost of very light armour, making it very vulnerable to enemy fire. Despite its weakness, the bomber was used actively until the end of the war.

It can drop two pairs of bombs for up to three bombing runs. For self defense, the bomber is armed with two Type 92 machine guns in the nose, two more on each side of the waist positions, and two Type 99 cannons in the dorsal turret and in the tail turret.

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