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Minneapolis-Moline NTX
Minneapolis-Moline NTX 1
Role Tractor
Operators United States
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 Passenger
Abilities Repair IconAmmo Icon

Minneapolis-Moline NTX is an American aircraft towing tractor.


Developed from 1937 on as an artillery puller, the Minneapolis Moline NTX was the first vehicle bearing the name "Jeep" - because this was a designation which US-Army mechanics assigned to test new vehicles. Though having a four wheel drive, the NTX did not pass the tests at the Aberdeen proving grounds during the summer of 1940 because of its bad offroad performance. Despite that, the US Army Airforce had a need for a rugged and reliable aircraft towing vehicle on forward bases and auxiliary airfields - a perfect role for the NTX with its fixed, springless rear axle.

In Battlegroup42 the NTX replaces the Jeep on maps with forward air bases. The tractor can repair nearby friendly vehicles and supply ammunition to them.

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