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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on M3 Gun Motor Carriage.
M3 gmc 1
Role Tank destroyer
Operators United States
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 75mm gun
Position 3 12.7mm machine gun

M3 Gun Motor Carriage is an American tank destroyer.


A variant of the M3 Half-track, the M3 Gun Motor Carriage is equipped with a 75mm M1897A5 gun. The M2 Browning machine gun is retained, but is moved further back on a pintle mount.

In Battlegroup42 its in-game name is M3 GMC. It mostly appears in the late stage of North Africa theatre as well as in Italy campaign, but a small number also appears in the Pacific theatre. Its role as a tank destroyer is later succeeded by M10 Wolverine.

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