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M24 Chaffee
M24 1
Role Light tank
Operators United States
Free France
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
75mm gun
7.62mm machine gun
Position 2 12.7mm machine gun
Position 3 7.62mm machine gun

M24 Chaffee is an American light tank.


The Chaffee is developed to replace the older Stuart light tanks with a tank gun similar to the M4 Sherman. Its completly new designed chassis and suspension became the base of all following US tanks up to date. The sloped armor offers better protection than its predecessor, though it is still too thin to withstand heated engagement with other tanks. Instead, it offers high speed and mobility combined with good firepower: Its 75mm M6 gun, derivated from an aircraft gun used with the B-25 Mitchell bombers, gives the tank a reasonable punch. It is secondarily armed with two M1919 Browning machine guns: one in the coaxial mount and one in the front of the hull, as well as with an M2 Browning machine gun on top of the turret.

The M24 Chaffee is available in Europe from late 1944 onwards.

Trivia Edit

The M24 Chaffee had a prominent role in the first minutes of the movie "The Bridge at Remagen".

Gallery Edit

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