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Junkers Ju 88
Ju88 1
Role Bomber
Operators Germany
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Pilot
Position 2 7.92mm machine gun
Position 3 7.92mm machine guns
Position 4 7.92mm machine guns

Junkers Ju 88 is a German medium bomber.


Together with Heinkel He 111, the Ju 88 was one of the primary bombers of the Luftwaffe. Rugged and reliable, the Ju 88 was used in large numbers until the end of war, even when its successor, the Ju 188, became available. It served in a lot of different roles, such as torpedo bomber, dive bomber, ground attack or night fighter.

In Battlegroup42 the Ju 88 is a level bomber capable to drop up to twenty-eight SC 50 bombs in one bombing run, with two bombs per release. For self-defense it is armed with five machine guns in three locations.

It can be found in maps such as 4005-Kornwerderzand and Battle of Britain.


The aircraft's model is based on the original Battlefield 1942's Ju-88A.


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