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Jagdpanther 1
Role Tank destroyer
Operators Germany
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
88mm gun
Position 2 7.92mm machine gun

Jagdpanther is a German tank destroyer.


The Jagdpanther is a tank destroyer based on the chassis of Panther Ausf G medium tanks. It enjoys a good balance of firepower, armour, and mobility: the 88mm gun is more than a match for most Allied armoured vehicles, the glacis armour gives sound protection in typical engagements, and a good power-to-weight ratio gives good speed.

While it is not designed to engage enemy infantry, the Jagdpanther is equipped with one MG 34 machine gun at the front for self-defense.

It can be found on maps set in mid-1944 onward.


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