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Invasion of the Philippines

Invasion of the Philippines conquest map

Invasion of the Philippines co-op map

Date December 1941
Location Philippines
Belligerents United States United States icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Infantry, ships
Modes available Conquest

Invasion of the Philippines is a map set in the Philippines. It is fought between United States and Japan.


The Japanese start off with one Kagero-class destroyer, which serves as its sole spawn point for the assault. The Americans have six control points in addition to the patrol boats spawn point.

Whichever side takes all six control points will incur a ticket bleed to the opposing side.

There are many islets and shallow waters in the area, therefore boats are an important means of transport.

The Japanese destroyer, while a powerful fire support for the landing forces, is restricted to the waters outside of the island perimeters. It is also vulnerable to defense guns and patrol boats' torpedoes. The Japanese can risk elimination if their destroyer gets sunk before capturing any control points.

The Americans can also get eliminated if all control points and patrol boats are lost, but this is considered harder to achieve.


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