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Ilyushin Il-4
Ilyushin Il-4 1
Role Bomber
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Pilot
Position 2 12.7mm machine gun
Position 3 7.62mm machine gun
Position 4 7.62mm machine gun

The Ilyushin Il-4 is a Soviet medium bomber.


The Il-4 was one of the twin-engined bombers used by the Soviet Union during World War II. Although production stopped in 1944, the bomber saw service throughout the war from the beginning to the end.

In Battlegroup42, it serves as a level bomber and can drop up to eight FAB-100 bombs in one bombing run. For defensive armaments, the Il-4 is equipped with one UBT machine gun in dorsal turret and two ShKAS machine guns: one in the the nose and one in the ventral hatch.


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