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Gewehr 43
Type Rifle
Users Germany
Firing mode Semi-automatic
Magazine size 10
Other features Scope (Sniper)
Bayonet (Rifleman)

The Gewehr 43 is a German rifle.


Germany had teething problems with the first mass produced semi-automatic rifle in the form of Gewehr 41 due to restrictive design requirements by the army as well as the rifle's complicated mechanism, resulting in a complex and unreliable rifle that was unpopular with troops. The capture of the Soviet SVT-40 helped development of the successor rifle in the form of Gewehr 43, which incorporated much of Soviet rifle's mechanism.

In Battlegroup42 the Gewehr 43 is the primary weapon of the German rifleman class and sniper class for the later stages in the war. The sniper class has access to a scope-mounted version, whereas the rifleman class has access to a bayonet. The inclusion of a bayonet is not historically accurate, but it is kept for game balance reasons.

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