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Role Transportation
Operators United States
No. of positions 5
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 12.7mm machine gun
Position 3 Passenger
Position 4 Passenger
Position 5 Passenger
Abilities Repair IconHeal IconAmmo Icon

The GMC CCKW is an American truck.


Sometimes referred as the "Jimmy", the CCKW was one of the workhorses of the US Army, providing vital supplies and ferrying troops as well as serving as a basis for other specialised variants.

As with any other troop transport in the mod, the CCKW can provide first aid and ammunition to its passengers, as well as repair for friendly vehicles in the vicinity. While it has one M2 Browning machine gun on a ring mount next to the driver for self-defense, the vehicle is unarmoured, therefore one should avoid direct engagement with enemy forces whenever possible.

The CCKW may also appear towing M5 anti-tank gun in some maps.


The DUKW amphibious transport is modified from the CCKW.


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