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Fucile Mitragliatore Breda Modello 30
Type Machine gun
Users Italy
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 20

The Fucile Mitragliatore Breda Modello 30 is an Italian machine gun.


The Fucile Mitragliatore Breda Modello 30, or simply Breda Modello 30 in short, was the standard light machine gun of the Italian forces throughout World War II. Its most distinctive feature was its fixed magazine attached to the right side of the gun, which would be loaded with 20-round stripper clips, rather than individual detachable magazines or belt used by other machine guns. This feature had a problem; if the fixed magazine became damaged, the gun could become inoperable. Furthermore, the use of oiling system to lubricate the cartridges and to ease the extraction meant the gun was susceptible to dust and sand, which was prevalent in the North African theatre. Nevertheless, the Breda Modello 30 was one of the most readily available automatic weapons available to Italy, and the ammunition was shared by the standard rifle Carcano Modello 1891, making supply manageable for the troops.

In Battlegroup42, the Breda 30 is available as the primary weapon for the Italian assault class.


The machine gun's model is adopted from the original Battlefield 1942's counterpart.

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