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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on FN Model 1910.
FN Model 1922
Type Automatic Pistol
Users United States
Free France
Vichy France
Firing mode Semi-automatic
Magazine size 9

The FN Model 1922 is a Belgian pistol of American origin.


The FN Model 1922 was a variant of the FN Model 1910, an automatic pistol designed by Browning and produced in Belgium. Its operating spring is located surrounding the barrel, which became a standard feature in later pistol designs. The Model 1922 was made especially for military and police service. It is larger than the Model 1910, with a longer barrel and a longer grip which increases the ammunition capacity by two rounds (.380 ACP or .320 ACP). Being used by the armies of many countries like Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, France and Finland, this reliable and powerful weapon saw extensive service through World War 2 and up to recent times.

In Battlegroup42, the FN Model 1922 is used as a sidearm for the assault, anti-tank, rifleman, scout and machine gunner classes of the French, Dutch and Yugoslavian armies.

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