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Role Armoured car
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
7.62mm machine gun

FAI-M is a light Soviet armoured car.


The FAI-M is a variant of the FAI armoured car which uses the GAZ M-1 chassis, making the vehicle longer than the original. It was build from 1934 in small numbers and served during the Spanish Civil War and the Soviet-Japanese border conflicts. By the time World War 2 broke out, it should have been replaced by the very similar BA-20, but many FAI-M remained in service with reconnaissance units through the early years of the war. The vehicle was armed with a single DT machine gun on a fully enclosed revolving turret. Despite its weaknesses, it was popular among its crews because of its reliability and ease of maintenance.

In Battlegroup42, the FAI-M can fend off enemy infantry with its machine gun, but is too thinly armoured and lightly armed to tackle armored vehicles, therefore the sole crew should use the car for reconnaissance and possible ambushes.

It appears in maps up to 1942. Examples are 3706-Kanchatzu Incident, 3908-Khalkin Gol, 4106-Battle of Brody, and 4208-Kaukasus.

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