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Type Rifle
Users Hungary
Firing mode Bolt action
Magazine size 5
Other features Scope (Sniper)
Bayonet (Rifleman)
Rifle grenade (Rifleman)

The FÉG 35M is a Hungarian rifle.


The Mannlicher M1895 rifle's straight pull mechanism, while revolutionary and widely praised by the then Austro-Hungarian troops for its high rate of fire, had problems operating in extremely cold condition. Several rifles were developed to replace the M1895, and the FÉG 35M was the result, which adopts the more common rotating bolt for action used by many other rifles of the time. It also incorporated new metric system for sights, replacing the older pace unit used in the Austro-Hungarian time. The 35M served the Hungarian army as the standard rifle leading up to and throughout World War II.

In Battlegroup42 the FÉG 35M is the primary weapon for the Hungarian rifleman class, engineer class, and sniper class. The rifleman class also has access to bayonet and rifle grenade, whereas the sniper class has scope attached to the rifle for sharpshooting.

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