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Crusader III
Crusader III 1 neu
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
57mm gun
7.92mm machine gun

Crusader III is a British tank.


Due to delays with the replacement of the tank by newer developments such like the Cromwell, the Crusader tank was up-gunned from the QF 2-pounder gun to the more potent QF 6-pounder gun, resulting in the Crusader III. The 6-pounder gun gave the Crusader the much needed anti-tank capabilities against the tanks at the time. The tank retains its Besa machine gun in the coaxial mount for anti-infantry measures. Being also up-armored again especially at the front, the Crusader III now fought on nearly equal terms with enemy tanks like the Panzer III and Panzer IV, but remained very vulnerable by attacks from the sides and from engine overheat. Still its great mobility was its biggest advantage in an armoured engagement.

The Crusader III appeared in the North Africa theatre after October 1942, replacing the Crusader II.


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