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Cruiser Mk II
Cruiser mk2 1
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
40mm gun
7.92mm machine gun
Position 2 7.92mm machine gun

Cruiser Mk II is a British tank.


Developed during the interwar period, the Cruiser Mk II (A10) was designed along the British tank doctrine as a "cruiser tank": These tanks should be able to move quickly through enemy territory, depending on mobility instead of heavy armor for protection. Its main armament is the QF 2-pounder gun. It is also equipped with two Besa machine guns: one in the coaxial mount, and one in the barbette at the front of the hull. The Cruiser MK II saw action in the early phase of the war in France, Greece and North Africa, until being replaced by better protected sucessors like the Valentine or the Crusader I.

As described, in Battlegroup42 the Cruiser MK II appears in maps set in France, the Balkans and in the North African theatre up to 1942, often together with contemporary British tanks like the Cruiser Mk III and Cruiser Mk IV.


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