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Centaur IV
Role Fire support vehicle
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
95mm gun
7.92mm machine gun

Centaur IV is a British close support tank.


The Centaur is closely related to the Cromwell, with the main difference in the engine used. The Liberty engine previously used in the Crusader tanks are also equipped by the Centaur as a result of delays in the production of the Meteor engine for the Cromwell. When the Cromwell entered in full production, many of the Centaurs were converted to Cromwell, and those that did not remained for training purposes.

The Centaur IV is the only variant of the Centaur tank that saw combat in the war. It played a prominent role during the D-Day landings in service with the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group, effectivly providing artillery support from aboard the landing ships without a direct line of sight. Equipped with a 95mm howitzer, the Centaur was used for direct fire support in close coordination with other front line units for a while after D-Day, until it was also subsequently replaced by a Cromwell CS variant fielding the same howitzer. The high explosive shells fired from the howitzer were deadly not only to infantry, but also to armoured vehicles. The coaxial Besa machine gun is retained, but the one originally mounted in the front of the hull is removed.

It can be found in maps set in June 1944 onwards, such as 4409-Hells Highway and 4504-Comacchio.


Its in-game name is Centaur IV CS, where CS stands for "Close Support".


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