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Bren light machine gun
Type Machine gun
Users United Kingdom
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 30

The Bren light machine gun is a British machine gun.


The Bren gun was a licensed version of the Czechoslovak ZGB 33 light machine gun, which was modified from the ZB vz. 26 light machine gun. The name is an acronym from Brno, the city of which the gun was designed, and Enfield, the location where the Bren gun was manufactured. It saw extensive use in World War II by the British and the Commonwealth forces, and remained in service by various users in secondary roles up to the 1990s. The Bren gun was generally regarded as an effective and reliable weapon, and it was often mounted on vehicles such as the Universal Carrier, which in turn gave the vehicle the alternate name "Bren Gun Carrier".

In Battlegroup42, the Bren gun is available as the primary weapon for the British assault class.

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