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Breda Model 42
Type Anti Tank Charge
Users Italy
Firing mode impact fused

The Breda Model 42 is an Italian high explosive device.


At the beginning of World War 2, the Italian army lacks any standard close combat anti-tank charge. The troops used makeshift solutions instead, and from 1941 on, small teams of each infantry company were specially trained for the use of molotov cocktails against tanks. This was so successful, that the production of two anti-tank grenades were ordered: The Breda Model 42 with explosive charge and the OTO Model 42 with incendiary charge. The Breda 42 was issued especially to Italian elite troops from 1942 on. It was basically an ordinary Breda Model 40 stick grenade which had an aluminium sphere containing a supplementary charge of 575 g. of explosive. The granade could penetrate armor plates up to 20mm and cause inside flaking to 40mm ones. The safe throwing distance was 5-8 meters, the grenade exploded on impact.

In Battlegroup42, the Breda Model 42 was the standard anti-tank grenade of the Italian army and used as equipment of the anti-tank class.

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