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Bofors 40mm gun L/60
Bofors 1
Role Anti-aircraft gun
Operators United States
United Kingdom
No. of positions 1
Position 1 40mm gun
Bofors 40mm gun L/60 Twin Mount
Bofors twin
Role Anti-aircraft gun
Operators United States
United Kingdom
No. of positions 1
Position 1 40mmm gun
40mmm gun
Bofors 40mm gun L/60 Quad Mount
Bofors quad
Role Anti-aircraft gun
Operators United States
United Kingdom
No. of positions Ships only
Position 1 40mmm guns

Bofors 40mm gun is an Allied anti-aircraft gun of Swedish origin.


The Bofors 40mm gun, commonly known as the Bofors gun, is one of the most important and popular anti-aircraft guns. It is used not only by ground forces for local anti-air defence, but also by navies for warships. Although designed for combat against enemy aircraft, the Bofors gun proved to be effective also against lightly armoured ground vehicles. This made it a versatile multi purpose weapon. The gun can fire up to four rounds in succession before needing to reload.

The Bofors gun comes in three variants:

Single MountEdit

The most common variant, the single gun mount can be found on many places, usually near control points for local anti-air defence.

Twin MountEdit

The two guns can be fired independent of the other. Though being originally a naval weapon, this gun variant sometimes can be found in Battlegroup42 as well on land near strategically important locations such as bases.

Quad MountEdit

The Quad Mount does not appear as an individual weapon, but rather as part of a controllable weapon on Allied ships, such as the North Carolina-class battleship, the King George V-class battleship, and the Tribal-class destroyer. Unlike the single mount and twin mount variants, the quad mount does not need reloading. The four barrels fire alternatly in a constant manner, making the quad mount a deadly asset against enemy aircraft and soft-skinned targets near shores.


The models of the various Bofors mounts are based on the Bofors gun in the original game, which was modified and newly coded.


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