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Bishop 1
Role Self-propelled artillery
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
87.6mm gun
Position 2 7.7mm machine guns
Bishop (Co-op)
Role Self-propelled artillery
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 87.6mm gun
Position 3 7.7mm machine guns

Bishop is a British self-propelled artillery.


The Bishop was the British's attempt to create a self-propelled artillery by mounting a QF 25-pounder howitzer on a Valentine tank chassis before better vehicles were available to take over this role.

Its main armament is QF 25-pounder howitzer mounted on a fixed box-like superstructure. For self-defense a pair of Vickers K machine gun is mounted on top of the superstructure. The vehicle has respective protection, but its slow speed, low rate of fire and high profile mean it should still be kept away from the front line in combat.

As it applies to most self-propelled artillery in Battlegroup42, the Bishop appears in Co-op and Singleplayer modes with different coding in order to make it usable by bots.

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