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AB 40
AB 40 1
Role Armoured car
Operators Italy
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
8mm machine guns
Position 2 8mm machine gun

The AB 40 is an Italian armoured car.


Being one of the most advanced armored car designs of World War 2, the Italian Autoblinda series proved to be rugged and reliable machines for reconnaissance and combat. The initiate model AB 40 is equipped with three Breda 38 machine guns: two in the turret, and one in rearward mount at the back of the vehicle. Later variants were equipped with autocannons and guns.

The Autoblinda AB40 appeares on early war maps such as 4008-Tug Argan and 4104-Battle of Keren.


There are two more variants of the AB 40 in the mod: the AB 41 and AB 43.

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