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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on M115 howitzer.
8inch Howitzer M1
8inch howitzer m1 1
Role Field howitzer
Operators United States
United Kingdom
Free France
Position 1 203mm gun

8inch Howitzer M1 is an American heavy howitzer.


The 8inch (203mm) Howitzer M1, after World War 2 redesignated as M155 howitzer, was developed in parallel to the 155 mm Gun M1 ("Long Tom") and shared many of its components, especially the carriage. It had shorter range than the Long Tom, but its shells are nearly twice as heavy. Its role was mainly to weaken fortified positions. Some of the howitzers were also delivered to the British and Free French forces via the Lend-Lease programme.

In Battlegroup42, the 8inch howitzer is only available as a stationary weapon. Different from other stationary guns, it has limited traverse to the left and to the right and can not be turned with the whole carriage.


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