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4506-Oboe Six
4506-Oboe Six map
Date June 1945
Location North Borneo
Belligerents Australia Australia icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Oboe Six is a map set in North Borneo. It is fought between Australia and Japan.


The Australians have an uncapturable base, together with one Attacker-class escort carrier and a Wickes-class high-speed transport. The Japanese have one uncapturable base and five control points.

The values of the control points differ from one to another.

Hilltop: 50
Airfield: 50
The East Gate: 30
The West Gate: 30
The Island: 30

Whichever side holds 100 or more will inflict ticket bleed on the other side.

Combat is carried out with a mixed force of infantry, tanks, and aircraft on this map. The coastal area has flat beaches and several villages, whereas the hill in the middle is forested. As the control points in the higher ground are worth more than those in the lower ground, both sides should proritise on the higher ground.


The map is ported and modified from a Battlefield 1942 community map called Operation Forager, which was originally made by zara5ustra.

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