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4504-Pounding the Rock
4504-Pounding the Rock map
Date April 1945
Location Heligoland, Germany
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Aircraft
Modes available Objective

Pounding the Rock is a map set over the German archipelago of Heligoland. It is fought between United Kingdom and Germany.


There are no control points on this map. The British can spawn in either fighters or bombers from very high altitude, and must destroy the five targets before their tickets run out.

The five targets are:

  • Air control tower by the German airfield in Düne
  • Factory
  • Minensuchboot Typ 40
  • Tender Ammerland
  • Tender Donau

The air control tower, factory, and the Minensuchboot also serve as spawn points for the Germans. The Minensuchboot and the two tenders can be cobtrolled and moved.

The British aircraft can be found circling at very high altitude over the German islands. As there is no airfield for them to replenish supply, the bombers have unlimited ammunition for their bombs.

In order to face the threat from the bombers the Germans have a large number of anti-aircraft guns scattered on the east side of the Heligoland island, as well as a smaller number of fighters in Düne and Schnellboot in the naval base. The Schnellboots also serve as mobile spawn points, and are the only spawn points not dependent on the objective targets.


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