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4503-Road to Koblenz
4503-Road to Koblenz map
Date March 1945
Location Koblenz, Germany
Belligerents United States United States icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Road to Koblenz is a map set near the eponymous city in Germany. It is fought between United States and Germany.


The Americans start off with one uncapturable base. There are six control points on this map: two are neutral, and four are under German control.

The Americans will initially suffer a ticket bleed until the Germans hold three or fewer control points. The Axis Headquarters control point is worth more than the others, and the Americans can only cause a ticket bleed to the Germans if they hold at least five control points inclusive of the Axis Headquarters. Should the Axis Headquarters remain in German hands, the Germans cannot suffer a ticket bleed.

There are no aircraft on this map. Fighting is mainly carried out by tanks along the road. The infantry can assist the tanks, or take an alternate route through the railway or the nearby hilly path where they are inaccessible to tanks. The latter can also be used to carry out a flanking attack.


The map is modified and ported from a community map called Reichsbahn, which was originally created by Xacto and Audiogod.

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