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4410-Clash on Surigao
4410-Clash on Surigao map
Date October 1944
Location Surigao Strait, Philippines
Belligerents United States United States icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Ships
Modes available Objective

Clash on Surigao is a map set in the Surigao Strait. It is a naval battle fought between United States and Japan.


Each side has two battleships, four destroyers, and one freighter. The Americans have North Carolina-class battleships and Fletcher-class destroyers, whereas the Japanese have Yamato-class battleships and Akizuki-class destroyers.

Whichever side destroys both battleships of the opposing side wins the scenario.

Naval warfare is the theme for this map. All ships except for the battleships will respawn with delay upon destruction. Seaplanes can help spot targets for ships and bombard them at long range.

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