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4406-Fox Green
4406-Fox Green map
Date June 1944
Location Vierville-sur-Mer,
Belligerents United States United States icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Omaha Day1 is a map set on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. It is fought between United States and Germany.


There are seven control points on this map: five are under German control initially, and the two on the beach are neutral.

The Americans have two Gleaves-class destroyers to begin the assault. In Conquest mode a Landing Craft Tank is also available.

Whichever side holds four or more control points will inflict a ticket bleed to the other side.

Fighting is largely carried out by infantry on the beach. The Americans also have limited tank support to help spearhead the assault, whereas the Germans have a number of machine guns scattered across the map that can pin down the attackers. Both sides have access to heavy artillery guns: the Americans have naval artillery from the destroyers, whereas the Germans have a battery of coastal guns located near the southern edge of the map.


  • The map was previously known as 4406-Omaha Day1.
  • The map is modified and ported from a community called LD: Omaha Beach Day 1, which is part of the Longest Day map series. The map was originally created by Cpl. Reynolds.