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4406-Easy Red
4406-Easy Red map
Date June 1944
Location Normandy, France
Belligerents United States United States icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Easy Red is a map set on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. It is fought between United States and Germany.


There are three German control points and three neutral control points on this map.

The neutral control points, namely the Waterline Base, Barbed Wire Point, and Concrete Barrier Point, cannot be captured by the Germans; they can only be captured by the Americans. The Concrete Barrier Point can only be reached by destroying the concrete barrier with Bazooka or explosives.

The Americans can inflict a ticket bleed on the Germans should they hold four or more control points. The Americans do not suffer a ticket bleed even from the start, but they are expected to take heavy casualties as a result from enemy machine gun fire and artillery bombardment.

Fighting is carried out by infantry. The Americans have to brave through open terrain in order to reach the furthest neutral control point, of which capturing it will allow tanks to spawn. In Conquest mode, the tanks will spawn in a Landing Ship Medium at the initial spawn point, whereas in Co-op mode the tanks will spawn between the Barbed Wire Point and Concrete Barrier Point. The Germans have many machine guns and artillery to hold the Americans at bay, and they must hold the three control points they own in order to not allow the Americans to inflict ticket bleed on them.


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