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4405-Operation Diadem
4405-Operation Diadem map
Date May 1944
Location Monte Cassino, Italy
Belligerents Canada Canada icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Operation Diadem is a map set in Monte Cassino, Italy. It is fought between Canada and Germany.


The Canadians start off with one uncapturable base, whereas the Germans have five control points to defend.

Either side can only incur a ticket bleed to their opponents by holding all four control points, making this map a war of attrition.

The Canadians have a large number of tanks for the assault. The Germans rely on their terrain advantage, as well as their large number of stationary weapons, such as machine guns, anti-tank guns, and Panzer IV turret emplacements, to keep their enemy at bay.

As with the original map, the German anti-tank guns do not respawn upon destruction.


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